Part Time Business Without Investment [ Listing, Scaling, Limitations ]

The sweetest spot for ” Manageable Wealth ” spectrum is the concept of ” Part Time Business Without Investment “. Usually we tend to divide people into two different categories i-e The job seekers and the business bloomers. What’s often ignored is the community of the people who are doing some sort of job and blooming their business part time { According to recent survey, 69% of the people are involved in some sort of part time business from home ) and guess what there is huge number of people in pursuit of easy business without investment

Part time Business

This post is meant to discuss the reality, potential and limitations of some part time business which often lies in the category of ” no investment “. Also you’ll be presented with the finest business models which require literally no investment capital ( many of these are internet business without investment ) they all need a decision followed by insane amount of passion, that’s something free of cost and goes a very long way 

This Post Contains

It would be good to find out what’s coming ahead and that’s exactly why we’ve included this paragraph. With this post you are going to learn for 39 part time business without investment [ Ideas ]. Some scaling tips to grow your newly acquired business and finally the 6 limitations which you may encounter. All of this is supposed to give you direction and is meant to be a definite solution for ” I need a part time business

Business Ideas
Scaling Tips
Common Limitations

Let’s just start with the realistic business ideas. It is worthwhile to note that these business ideas encompass all types of fields and are not limited to Internet all alone however, zero investment business online contribute mostly to this list.  You may pick the one which is best suitable for you. For details on a specific business, we highly encourage you to comment down below this post and we’ll be in touch shortly.

The Listing Goes Like …


With the dropshipping business model, a person doesn't have to purchase a product unless they've already made the sale and have been paid by the customer

Affiliate Marketing

You can simply share a cool gadget on your social handle and make 10% commission money on each sale, One of the best internet business without investment

Online Health Training

Provided that you are eligible to do so, you can make customized diet and exercise plans and even train people over the internet. Since it's a bit critical, don't jump if you're not an expert

Social Media Manager

The chances are you're already well aware with the social media usage so why not just monetize it? Join various groups and find the right companay to manage their social media pages

Coaching or Teaching

It's impossible to just go through life without learning any skill. Everyone is good at something, you just need to harness " that thing " and make money by teaching others about it

Marketing Strategist

If you believe you have what it takes a business to bloom the you can help other businesses which are following the course and meanwhile keep a steady income to support your main business

Vlogging and Podcasting

To start it all up, you just need a phone to record a video or audio and with the passage of time you can invest back in cool gadgets

Virtual Assistant Business

If you have no specific skill right at your disposal then you can make some quick money by being a virtual assistant

Advertisement Specialist

It won't take much of time to learn a thing or two about facebook or google ads and then you can help companies launch their ads

Tourism Guide

Do you live nearby some tourist spot? Well then you can spend some time to learn a few things about it and heat up your tourism guide business

Professional Blogging

We believe everyone on this planet is gifted with something and what can be more interested than making money while exploring your gifted personality

Language Translator

To start, you just need a firm grip of any two different languages. Join appropriate forums and social media groups to encounter the opportunities


According to the recent survey, around 50% of the US population would be freelancing in the next 10 years

Launch Forum

If you have the necessary knowledge you can make a paid forum where people engage.

Online Course

If you've learned something for the past 3-6 months and are good at it, launch a course on it

Post Writer

Just like transcription, people have the post in head but no time to put it in words. Hunt down such people and let them pay you

Blog Editor

No company owner writes the blogs all by themselves. Email small business owners and let them know how you can help them with blog

Post Marketer

90% of the people fail because they lack on outreach. If you have good outreach skills, you can help big companies too

Post Designer

We all agree, the posts are no longer about words only. There are icons, images, tables and stuff like this which people crave. Make it and get paid for it


The world will always need a proofreader no matter how many softwares make their debut in this industry. Human touch will always be in great demand

Infographic Designer

It's a well known success formula to just launch a great infographic but making an infographic is not something everyone can do

Video Script

Everyone is rushing to start a youtube channel, imagine how far you can go with video scripture business

Audio Script

White board animations, explainer videos even podcasts need audio scripts.It's fun and easy.

Content Planner

With an ever increasing number of blogs, everyone needs a proper content planner. You can be a fit in it


Although it's gotten a bit old and the people who need book keeping services are hard to find but still it's not obsolete. Still a handsome part-time work

Coding Expert

There is a separate world for the one who is well aware of the coding. You can make website, design specific apps and all. It's one of the most easiest and profitable biz


It requires a bit of social media fame and if you're good at it, you can let the companies know that you can review their products for adequate amount

Cargo Service

Does your routine involves traveling some handsome amount of miles daily? then you can act as a cargo service with same day delivery

Lawn Care

This thing will never run out because everyone needs it from time to time. Explore the possibilities on how to get your hands elegantly on it


The world is always looking for stats. You can conduct a survey from your school, work place or neighborhood and sell it to some company


With increasing number of vloggers, there is indeed a growing need for videographers

Call Representative

Every business needs a call representative. The good part is that it can be done from home

Event Manager

It gets super exciting if you're a student with some social life, you can save big chunks with this

Property Manager

A bit tough to get your hand on but if you've got some reputation in neighborhood, it's easy


Expert in cooking? consider giving your neighborhood a visit and spread the word


Totally part time and adequately paid business model. Almost everyone needs care taker for old and children

Taxation Consultant

No one exactly knows how taxation works, if you can help them at it, they'll be loving you

Financial Advisor

Everyone needs someone who can help them keep a record of financial stuff, you can be a fit

Grocery Person

Save the time of others by launching your grocery delivery service and get paid adequately

Since the business listing is complete, we need to look at something called as the ” scaling the business ” which is basically a measure of how far you can go with these part time businesses. How much you can make and how exactly you can shape it altogether

Scaling The Business
  • How To Start?

    It might appear tempting because each and everything in this list is do-able for everyone. The first step however is to list down the activities that appear most appealing to you. Take handsome amount of time to come up with the best stuff which you can do

  • Early Expectations

    Provided that you selected the best thing for yourself and started it all out, you may expect some " supplementary " income stream. It won't be big unless you do the step 4

  • Blend It Well

    After spending a month o two earning the stuff, you would have a handful amount of contacts and some money at your disposal. If it takes you 2-3 months , no worries

  • Make It Business

    After having contacts and money, you can hire some person and let them do the hardwork while you keep the money just like with every other business. Just focus on outreach and make money

  • Professionalize It All

    Increase the number of employees and explore new ( like social media advertisement, flyers, word of mouth ) marketing ways to bloom it. Every big business started with idea, small scale execution and then they blasted for growth

Common Limitations

This section contain the limitations which are pretty common. For an instance consider a company makes wheel chairs. Can it expect 7 billions customers? ofcourse not because not everyone is having walking issues. So you must select a business infrastructure with practicality. 


The very first limitation is the expectation itself. You can't expect handsome income while starting out. However, once you get a firm grip, it'll be all easy

No Part-time

Although it will start as a part-time but if you are specifically business minded, it'll soon require more of your time and wont be part time anymore


The moment you hire your first employee to do the work will be the moment to blast the growth. If you don't make it grow, the business will die so growth is must

Not Available

The first day or even week might go flat out without you finding any proper work but dont get carried away by that. Everything big starts like that and practically speaking it's really hard to find work in the early days


The whole post was about business yet we discussed the ways to just do some sort of part time job to make money. It's because to bloom business you first need to become a good employee, just cultivate the right mindset


When it comes to part time business, procrastination is a major motivation killer and no doubt everyone encounters it. Accept the fact that part time business is never going to be an overnight success

It is worth while to note that when you are in search for part time business without investment, you will usually acquire some job type work but the work of a good entrepreneur is to transform that job into business and scale it according to his/her vision. Don’t just hide your emotions/queries/tips, blast away the comment section below and let’s just connect.

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